Chapter 9 Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes are summarized lists of the main ideas/skills that students should take away from a chapter. “Learning Outcomes” lists are not exhaustive; there may be other ideas/skills covered in the chapter that are also useful but not necessarily the main focus.

For Chapter 9 the Learning Outcomes are:

1. Apply criteria to determine if a ring is aromatic, anti-aromatic or non-aromatic.

2. Be able to identify the hybridization of atoms within a ring and determine if lone pairs of electrons are contributing to the aromaticity as pi electrons or held within a hybridized orbital.

3. Using properties of aromatic compounds, understand that aromatic rings are inert to most reaction conditions [except for electrophilic aromatic substitutions (Chapter 10)].

4. Name simple aromatic compounds.

5. Draw an aromatic compound from its IUPAC name.


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