Chapter 1 Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes are summarized lists of the main ideas/skills that students should take away from a chapter. “Learning Outcomes” lists are not exhaustive; there may be other ideas/skills covered in the chapter that are also useful but not necessarily the main focus.

For Chapter 1 the Learning Outcomes are:

1. Identify bond types in organic molecules as being sigma bonds or pi bonds.

2. Predict the geometry of atoms in molecules using VSEPR theory.

3. Predict the hybridization of atoms in molecules using the geometry predicted by VSEPR theory.

4. Calculate the formal charge of an atom based on the number of bonds and lone pairs.

5. Determine the polarity of a bond based on the electronegativity of the two bonding atoms; Determine the overall polarity of a molecule by examining all polar bonds.

6. Draw organic molecules as line structures.

7. Draw organic molecules as Lewis structures.


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