Chapter 11 Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes are summarized lists of the main ideas/skills that students should take away from a chapter. “Learning Outcomes” lists are not exhaustive; there may be other ideas/skills covered in the chapter that are also useful but not necessarily the main focus.

For Chapter 11 the Learning Outcomes are:

1. Be able to recognize when a nucleophilic substitution reaction is taking place.

2. Draw a mechanism and predict the stereochemical outcome and product(s) of SN1 and SN2 reactions.

3. Differentiate between reaction conditions favouring SN1 or SN2 mechanisms (i.e. in a given nucleophilic substitution reaction, be able to predict if the reaction proceeds by SN1 or SN2).

4. Understand which groups are better nucleophiles and leaving groups and which groups are not for SN1 and SN2 reactions.


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