University of Saskatchewan: Software Access

On-Campus Lab Access

If you are a University of Saskatchewan student working on-campus, all computers in the Arts & Science computer labs should have SPSS installed. See for a list of lab locations for the Saskatoon campus.

Remote / Off-Campus Access

Virtual Lab

If you are a University of Saskatchewan student working remotely (off-campus), you can access SPSS via the Virtual Lab at

  • Log in with your NSID.
  • Click “All” to expand the menu, then click on “Common U of S”.
  • Select “SPSS 26” (for SPSS) to launch the program within the Virtual Lab.

More information on the Virtual Computer Lab (VLab) can be found here:

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to open any of the given Data Sets (.sav files) in the Virtual Lab, they first need to be added to your Cabinet drive. See the next sections for details on how to upload them.

Accessing your Cabinet Drive

The following links will guide you through gaining access your Cabinet drive so that you can then add files to it. Choose from the following options depending on if you are using Windows or Mac.

Ensure you follow the steps for connecting to Cabinet, specifically.

Try the steps without a VPN first. If you have issues, set up the VPN (Virtual Private Network) and try that way. The steps for setting up the VPN can be found here:

For Windows

For Mac

Adding Files to your Cabinet Drive

First, download all of the .sav files from the Data Sets page onto your computer.

Once you have access to your Cabinet drive, choose a designated folder within this drive where you will add the .sav files you want to work with; you may wish to create a new folder for this purpose, with a title like, e.g., PSY 233 files.

From there you can copy or move the .sav files from your computer into your designated Cabinet folder.

Then, they will be available for you to access them within the Virtual Lab.

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