The following University of Saskatchewan personnel are acknowledged for their support and contributions to this updated open textbook:

  • Julie Maier (Instructional Designer, Distance Education Unit), for technical assistance with Pressbooks, OER and licensing guidance, editing and formatting assistance, developing resources for statistical software access, and project coordination.
  • Heather Ross (Educational Development Specialist, Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning), for support with obtaining the funding that allowed this project to move forward.
  • Kate Langrell (Copyright Coordinator, University of Saskatchewan Library), for answering copyright questions, particularly regarding the use of software screenshots and data files.
  • Naveed Ahmed (Research Associate, Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics), for content updates and updated data sets for SPSS Lessons 1 to 7.
  • Osama Bataineh (Lab Coordinator & Sessional Lecturer, Department of Mathematics & Statistics), for major content editing, devising and compiling the complete collection of finished data sets, porting material into Pressbooks, LaTeX refinement, and for piloting this new version of the textbook with PSY 233 students for the first time in Spring 2020.


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