After publishing The Lymphatic System of Cattle in 1912 with the Hirschwald publishing house in Berlin [6], I have now followed up with The Lymphatic System of the Dog, using a similar approach.

Even upon a superficial observation of the gross macroscopic lymph nodes and lymph vessels in various species of animals, I am convinced that there are great differences in the macroscopic behaviour of the lymphatic system, both lymph nodes and lymph vessels, between individual animal species. Under no circumstances can the findings in one species be applied to another species, and the lymphatic system of each species must be examined individually. I have recently expressed this opinion and attempted to support its accuracy in an article published in Anatomischer Anzeiger, 1918, Vol. 51: Can Conclusions Drawn from the Anatomical Behaviour of the Lymphatic System of One Animal Species be Applied to Another Animal Species? The Differences Between the Lymphatic system of the Cow and the Dog.

The present work is a treatise in the commemorative publication for the 70th birthday of Professor Ellenberger. The commemoration did not allow this work to be expanded upon further, and the extensive details on joint, bone, and muscle lymph vessels have been published in other journals. Only the results of my initial investigations are included in this work.

I would like to thank my publisher for making the printing of this work possible, despite the unfavourable conditions that war has presented.

April 1918

Dr. Baum


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