Figure 35: Lymph Vessels of the Carpal Joint and Toe Joints of the Dog’s Forelimb

Drawing of the distal forelimb with associated lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels.Figure 35: 1, 1 lymph vessels of carpal joint running to the superficial cervical lymph nodes; 1′, 1′ lymph vessels of the carpal joint running deep, i.e. in the space between the radius and ulna; 2 lymph vessel joining the cephalic vein and ascending to a superficial cervical lymph node, which is further shown in Figure 33. 3 lymph vessels of a metacarpophalangeal joint, 4 lymph vessels of a proximal interphalangeal joint; 5 lymph vessels of a distal interphalangeal joint; 6 lymph vessel from the joint between metacarpus 1 and the corresponding toe. Source: Dr. Hermann Baum (1918). (This work is in the public domain).


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