Figure 26: Lymph Vessels and Lymph Nodes from the Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, Duodenum, and Large Intestine of the Dog

Drawing of the abdominal cavity with associated lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels.

Figure 26: The animal is lying on its back, and the small intestine is removed except for the first part of the duodenum and the end of the ileum. a duodenal lymph node; b right hepatic lymph node; c left hepatic lymph node; d, d’ splenic lymph nodes (a part of the pancreas is cut out so that [c] and [e] became visible); e right colic lymph node; f, f middle colic lymph nodes; g, g left colic lymph nodes; h, h lumbar aortic lymph nodes; i medial iliac lymph nodes (a part of the mesocolon is cut out so that the groups [h] and [i] became visible); k hypogastric lymph node; l lymph vessel of the duodenum and l’ lymph vessel of the pancreas running to the jejunal lymph nodes and therefore cut off; m lymph vessels of the anus and rectum; n lymph vessel running directly to the cisterna chylio gastric lymph node; p, p lymph vessels of the rectum passing over the dorsal side of the rectum to the hypogastric and medial iliac lymph nodes. 1 stomach; 2 duodenum (cut off); 3, 3′ pancreas; 4 spleen (with splenic veins laid aside); 5 ileum (cut off); 6 cecum; 7, 8, and 9 colon; 10 rectum; 11 left colic vein; 12 middle colic vein; 13 ileocolic vein (V. ileocaecocolica); 14, 14′ portal vein; 15, 15 ventral wall of the omental bursa, folded back; 16 mesentery of the colon. Source: Dr. Hermann Baum (1918). (This work is in the public domain).


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