Book Title: The Lymphatic System of the Dog

Author: Hermann Baum

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Book Description:

An English translation of a 1918 work by German veterinary anatomist Dr. Hermann Baum, The Lymphatic System of the Dog details a comprehensive investigation of the anatomy and drainage patterns of the canine lymphatic system. Despite being written over 100 years ago, much of Dr. Baum's exhaustive work has not been repeated and is still relevant today.

The book is organized into two main sections: the first details the anatomical location and drainage pathways of lymph nodes, while the second describes the lymphatic drainage pathways of major organs. This information is applicable to the diagnosis and treatment of canine patients as well as to researchers investigating the lymphatic system in dogs and in humans.

In addition to translating the original work, the University of Saskatchewan team of faculty and students has added notes describing key clinical points, as well as interactive student learning tools, including flashcards on lymphatic drainage patterns in canine cancer patients and lymph node labelling exercises. Our goal in translating this textbook was to honour the legacy of Dr. Baum's extensive work and to make this valuable information freely accessible to English-speaking veterinary students, teachers, veterinarians, and researchers.

A digital PDF version will be available for download in May 2022.

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Hermann Baum



Veterinary anatomy and physiology


The Lymphatic System of the Dog
Hermann Baum
Kaelyn Bellamy; Monique Mayer; and Leonie Bettin
Monique Mayer; Leonie Bettin; Isabell Stamm; and Tony Carr
Georg Münch
Kristine Dreaver-Charles
Primary Subject
Veterinary anatomy and physiology
University of Saskatchewan
Publication Date
April 1, 1918