Figure 31: Lymph Vessels of the Urinary and Reproductive Organs of the Male Dog

Drawing of the male reproductive and urinary organs with associated lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels.Figure 31: The left abdominal and pelvic wall and the intestine are removed. The penis is slightly detached from the ventral abdominal wall. 1 medial iliac lymph node; 2, 2′ lumbar aortic lymph nodes; 3 hypogastric lymph node; 4 superficial inguinal lymph nodes; 5 and 6 lymph vessels of the integument of the prepuce; 7 efferent vessels of superficial inguinal lymph nodes; 8 lymph vessels of the testis, that can be traced to the renal capsule. a ilium (sawn off); b ventral abdominal wall (cut left of the linea alba); c, c ventral pelvic wall (cut left of the median plane); d lumbar musculature; e aorta; f vena cava; g left external iliac artery; h right hypogastric artery; i urinary bladder; k prostate; l urethra; m lateral ligament of urinary bladder; n ureter; o M. coccygeus (cut off); p cut surface of M. adductor; q M. bulbocavernosus; r M. ischiocavernosus; s penis; v prepuce (cut off); v’ outer skin of scrotum; w testis; x epididymis; y spermatic cord with ductus deferens y’; z left kidney. Source: Dr. Hermann Baum (1918). (This work is in the public domain).


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