Workbook updates

The following are updates I’m planning to make to this workbook prior to the 2nd USask Edition release:

  • Revising learning outcomes lists for each chapter.
  • Adding to flashcard appendix and revising other study resources.
  • Adding new review questions to each section, with more illustrations.
  • Adding additional review questions to the appendices on math, chem, physics, biology. Checking in with students on whether they were useful and if there are other things that would be helpful in these appendices.
  • Fleshing out Appendix VII (Greek and Latin prefixes/suffixes).
  • Dr Panchuk and I may also make some edits to the textbook (for the 2nd USask Edition), incorporating some of the other vocabulary that is critical, and perhaps thinning out some of the more complex vocab that is beyond the first-year level.
  • Adding worksheets for in-class exercises.
  • Adding oceans and shorelines chapters to align with unadapted chapters from the Earle (2015) edition of the textbook.

If you are one of my students, I’m curious how you use this workbook, and if there are things about it that frustrate you or that you’d like me to add. Ideas for additions that would help your learning?

And if you find errors – please let me know!

-Dr McBeth, December 2019.



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