2.3. The Origin of Earth and the Solar System – Review Questions

  • How was the big bang different from an explosion as we understand explosions today?


  • Describe how solar systems are formed.


  • Draw a diagram of the solar system. Include the planets and other features such as the asteroid belt.





    • Label the Jovian and terrestrial planets.
    • How big is each planet compared to the sun?
    • Label each planet with the major elements that make it up.
    • In the case of planets with atmospheres, label the composition of the atmosphere.
    • Write a few sentences describing the patterns in planetary composition.


  • Draw a cross-section of Jupiter, and a cross-section of Earth. How do they differ? How are they similar?




  • Do you think there is life on planets outside our solar system? Why or why not?



  • What conditions are required on a planet to support life as we know it?





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