21.3. Geological History of Western Canada – Review Questions

For these questions, students in Dr McBeth’s GEOL 108/121 class should refer to the Chapter 1 overview section of the lab manual for GEOL 121 and the lecture slides. Reading through this chapter of the textbook will also be useful but there is far more information in the textbook than you will need to know for exams – so it is best to focus your studying by working through these review questions.


  • What are the six geologic provinces of Canada?


  • Draw a rough outline of Canada (The northern half of the North American Continent). Draw lines (approximate) and label the geologic provinces on your drawing.








  • Which geologic province does Saskatoon fall within? What other geologic province is partly in Saskatchewan?


  • Describe the features and characteristics of each of the geologic provinces of Canada.





  • What are the ages (in terms of eons and eras) of the different geologic provinces of Canada?


  • Which provinces are known for holding valuable mineral and energy deposits? What kinds of mineral and energy deposits?


  • If you could make a movie highlighting the most important events affecting each of the geologic provinces of Canada across geological history, what events would you show?

Extra review questions that may be covered in lecture (depending on your professor) that are not completely covered in the the textbook readings:

  • Draw a cross-section of the continental shelf and slope, including the rocks beneath the shelf sedimentary deposits.






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