21.1. Geological History of Western Canada – Learning Outcomes

Note to students in Dr McBeth’s course section: Much of this textbook chapter is far beyond the scope of what I would expect a first year student to know. Use the learning outcomes, the chapter 1 overview from the lab manual, and my lecture slides to guide your studies of this chapter. I do not expect you to know much of the detail in this chapter, e.g., the names of the various cratons within the Canadian Shield, or the names of the various groups of rocks in BC. I still include the vocabulary from this chapter in the vocab section since this is part of a larger project for the textbook, but I will only expect you to know vocab I cover in lecture for this section. The review questions I have provided are all appropriate for you to use in your studying and will give you a realistic idea of the level of detail you need to know for exams. – Dr McBeth

A link to the Chapter 1 overview in the lab manual:


After attending the lecture and reading this chapter of the textbook and in the lab manual, learning the vocabulary, and working through the review questions, students should be able to:

  • Name the 6 geologic provinces of Canada, and describe features of each of them.
  • Label the positions of the geologic provinces of Canada on a map.



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