I would not have started this project without Karla Panchuk’s leadership, inspiration, and mentorship in undertaking open textbook projects. Many thanks to Tom Ellis, Rainer Dick, Alec Aitken, Tim Prokopiuk, and Michael Cuggy provided helpful brainstorming on background topics to incorporate into the appendices. I am grateful to Kevin Riffel of the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning (GMCTL) at USask for reviewing the content of the topical appendices to check that the content is aligned with material covered in primary and secondary school in Saskatchewan. Thank you to Matt Lindsay for sharing his lecture materials with me back in 2017 when I first got started teaching first year physical geology; your lecture notes gave me the seed of inspiration to start to develop the materials in this workbook and I am grateful for your friendship and collegiality. Thank you to the staff at the GMCTL at USask for creating a fertile, supportive, inspiring, and empowering space to develop my understanding of educational practice. Every time I visit you I get new ideas to push myself further and bring better experiences (I hope!) to my students. I am grateful for your support and friendship. I would particularly like to thank colleagues who reviewed specific parts of the document: Tom Ellis (Chemistry Appendix), and Jim Merriam (Physics Appendix). And Linda Vogt for applying a fine toothed comb to the entire document – I am so grateful for your fresh eyes!

To my students – thank you for demanding I put out the Beta edition of this workbook sooner than I had intended in 2019. Your productive pestering confirmed this resource is desired, needed (right now!!), and that you will make good use of it. I am grateful to all my students, past and future, for their feedback and ideas. Keep sharing the struggles you encounter in your studying, and the things you find difficult. These issues provide me and my colleagues with ideas for developing and improving resources such as this workbook.

-Joyce McBeth, December 2019


Grand Canyon, USA. Source: Joyce M. McBeth (2005) CC BY-SA 4.0


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