USask Geol 108/121 Course Resources

This section provides information on USask resources that Geol 108/121 students may find useful.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe major geologic processes and their role in the Earth system
  • Define the major Earth materials and explain their relation to geologic processes
  • Describe relationships between geologic processes and hazards
  • Discuss interactions between principal components of the Earth system

Study Resources for Everyone

Study Resources for Aboriginal Students

  • First year advisors at the Trish Monture Centre, Arts 248. The first year advisors provide academic advising and coaching, can also advocate with band funders to provide money for tutoring, and connect students with other Aboriginal supports on campus and around town as well (including childcare advocacy). You can make an appointment via the front desk (;  (306) 966-2004) to meet with Shanelle or other staff.
  • Métis students – the Gabriel Dumont Institute has resources and bursaries available. A Métis local card is not required to apply (you need a parent or grandparent who is Métis).
  • Gordon Oakes Red Bear Centre offers open tutorial hours for Aboriginal students in chemistry, biology, math and writing. If you would use a geology tutorial, come talk to Dr McBeth. To get a geology tutorial at the centre, an Aboriginal student will need to take the lead to ask for it – I will support you!

Know of other resources that helped you? Let me know so I can share them with other students!

Study Resources for International Students

Know of other resources that helped you? Let me know so I can share them with other students!

Access and Equity Services (AES, formerly DSS)

Every year I meet students who have trouble with exams because of paralyzing anxiety, migraines, gut problems – AES can help with these problems. Exams are not a common “real-world” experience after university, you will rarely have to deal with this kind of pressure and situation again after graduation. So if your performance in university is affected because of problems like this – you can reach out, that’s why we have these resources.

In addition to this, students with challenges relating to disability, religion, family status, or gender identity that interfere with their ability to succeed in the course are encouraged to contact AES to see if they can get accommodation through AES services. This includes students with chronic health problems e.g., migraines, bowel diseases, or eating disorders.


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