This e-Book was inspired by our desire to provide an opportunity for Undergraduate students to find a local resource they could use to enhance their knowledge of Diagnostic Radiology (Imaging).

We wish to acknowledge the support of the Gwenna Moss Teaching Centre and the Distance Education Unit of the University of Saskatchewan for their involvement in this project.  In particular, Heather Ross and JR Dingwall provided valuable guidance and greatly facilitated the development of this teaching resource.

Additionally, the genesis of this project began years ago due to the generosity and vision of the Royal University Hospital Foundation, the SaskTel Corporation, and the College of Medicine.  We greatly appreciate having the opportunity to enhance teaching and learning through their support.

I would personally like to thank Evan Mah, who has worked diligently to make this e-Book a reality. His work ethic and enthusiasm were greatly appreciated. His perspective as a keen learner of the health sciences has helped this project take shape.

Dr. Anurag Dalai assisted us by proof-reading the eBook. We thank him for his thorough work.

We also wish to acknowledge the love and friendship of our families and friends who have supported us on our journey along the path of higher learning.

The cover page of this book pays homage to the first diagnostic radiograph of the hand, created by Dr. William Conrad Röentgen in his seminal work introducing a new and mysterious light – x-rays. We are thankful for his ingenuity and curiosity.


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