Chapter 17 – Normal, Reference Images, Unlabelled and Labelled


The following is a normal pediatric c-spine x-ray:

Pediatric PA C Spine

Pediatric PA C Spine Labelled

Pediatric Lateral C-Spine

Pediatric Lateral C-Spine Labelled

Pediatric AP C-Spine

Pediatric Labelled AP C-Spine


The following are normal pediatric chest x-rays (unlabelled and labelled):

Pediatric PA Chest

Pediatric Labelled PA Chest

Pediatric Lateral Chest

Pediatric Labelled Lateral Chest

The following is a normal pediatric abdominal x-ray:

Pediatric Abdomen

Pediatric Labelled Abdomen

Pediatric Abdomen 2

Pediatric Labelled Abdomen 2



All figures in “Chapter 17: Pediatric” by Dr. Brent Burbridge MD, FRCPC, University Medical Imaging Consultants, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan are used under a CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.