This lab manual is an adaptation of the following chapters from Laboratory Manual for Introductory Geology (2015), First Edition, written by Bradley Deline, Randa Harris, & Karen Tefend.

Original Chapter Number Original Author Adaptation Chapter Number(s)
1 Deline 6
3 Tefend & Deline 7
5 Harris 10
7 Harris 2
8 Tefend 3
10 Deline 4
11 Tefend 5
12 Harris & Deline 8
13 Harris 9

We are grateful to Bradley Deline, Randa Harris & Karen Tefend for creating the first edition of this text and for helping us along with our questions about the manual – it was a delight to work with the firm foundation you provided!

We thank the University of Saskatchewan Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning (GMCTL) and Department of Geological Science for financial support for this project. We are grateful to Jordan Epp at USask Teaching and Learning for his support with PressBooks and Heather Ross at GMCTL for her guidance and encouragement. We are also grateful to Todd LeBlanc for assisting Tim with test-driving the manual in labs before we started the project; his experiences provided critical insights on directions for revisions, particularly for the geological structures chapter. Teaching assistants and students in this course in Fall 2018 provided helpful feedback that we have integrated into version 2.


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