Land Acknowledgment

Saskatchewan prairie
Photo #1: Saskatchewan Prairie

The authors of Effective Professional Communication wish to begin this text by paying our respects to the land and place where this text was created and starting with a traditional Land Acknowledgment.

This text was a collaborative effort by many people working at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada. The University of Saskatchewan campus is located on Treaty Six Territory–home of the Cree, Saulteaux, Nakota, and Dene Peoples–and the homeland of the Métis Peoples. We pay our respects to the Indigenous Peoples that are on this land and acknowledge our responsibility to seek out and learn from them. Together, we will engage in truth telling and building reconciliation as well as the need to engage in the ongoing work of decolonizing our campus community both inside and outside the classroom.

In acknowledging that we are seeking “all” truths, we recognize that the content of this textbook is firmly rooted in Western traditions of knowledge, which risks re-enforcing it as the “standard” and alienating other cultural approaches to knowledge.

As a result, we have striven to include appendices that address these different styles in order to provide students with a broader view of the world and how their own approaches to knowledge fall within it. As this text is a living document, we plan to add more of this content when possible to approximate a stronger truth for all.

Photo #2: The Treaty Six Territory Flag
The Métis Flag
Photo #3: The Métis Flag


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Photo #3: “The Métis Flag” by Lexicon (on Wikimedia Commons) is used under Public Domain


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