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This text could not be created without the support and feedback from a number of people and groups, including:

Finally, the content in the text was created through a combination of existing OER texts and original content by the following authors:

Rebekah Bennetch teaches RCM 200: Effective Professional Communication along with several upper-year technical communication courses for the Ron and Jane Graham School of Professional Development in the College of Engineering. She holds an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, an MEd in Educational Technology and Design, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Education. She’s also a mom to a teenager and a cat, and originally hails from Savannah, Georgia on the land of the YamasseeMuscogee, and Creek Peoples.  

Corey Owen holds an MA in English, an MA in Classics, and a PhD in English. Since 2007, he has been a faculty member in the Ron and Jane Graham Centre for the Study of Communication (now known as the Ron and Jane Graham School of Professional Development), where he teaches introductory and advanced courses in rhetoric and communication.

Zachary Keesey is an educator and author. He holds a Masters of Education in Teaching and a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing. He has taught in K-12 and university settings in the United States, Canada, and Japan with an emphasis on designing supports for English Language Learners and international students. He is originally from Gladstone, Oregon, the traditional lands of the Molalla and Clackamas Peoples.


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