Chapter 4 – Step 4 in the Process

Looking Forward

Ready for continuous curriculum improvement? 

Collective continuous improvement should be an ongoing process.

While the process of implementing a new curriculum over in the first few years involves adjustments, curricula require ongoing maintenance.


Agree on how you will know if the curriculum is having strong enough learning results. This requires:


  • Managing ongoing discussions about your teaching and learning practices, especially the results you are seeing on your program outcomes and any competencies. A department head or equivalent is often in the best position to do this.


  • A process for onboarding new people to the curriculum, so they understand its intentions, the role or the part they are responsible for, and any common expectations about course outcomes, assessment, and instructional approaches. This is particularly critical for sessional or other contract instructors who are not long-standing department members.


  • Clarity about how administrative processes (e.g., experiential learning placements) will be managed.



This video provides a summary of Step 4, including common pitfalls.




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