Chapter 1 – Step 1 in the Process

Step 1 – Setting Up for Successful Change

Graphic of two orange map pins and a pathway between them.

Determine that a curriculum initiative has the necessary support and structures that make it ready to proceed.

Key questions answered at this step are:

  • What are the good reasons to do this now?
  • How long will this likely take us?
  • How can we set up effective collaborative processes and governance of curriculum initiatives?

Who is involved in this Step?

Usually, formal leaders or an existing committee chair in the academic unit undertake this step, engaging in exploratory and support-building individual and group conversations with faculty and other stakeholders.

How long does this take?  3+ months, depending.

Step 1 may occur organically over years, as a program need emerges or more quickly as an accreditation visit or program review is anticipated, underway, or completed.

Sometimes a crisis or major change in the environment brings readiness for change more quickly. Deciding how to structure committees and communication can be straightforward in some contexts; in others, it may require significant consultation and endorsement by faculty.

Step 1 is composed of Actions 1, 2, and 3.




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