Chapter 4 – Step 4 in the Process

Step 4: Actualizing the Curriculum

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Actualizing the curriculum you designed

At implementation, the curriculum design is tested with actual educators and students. No matter the scope or size of the curriculum change, some administrative and course-level matters will remain after approvals are complete and before you are ready for the first cohort of students.


Adjustments are likely as the first group moves through the new curriculum.


Key questions answered at this step are:

  • What is needed to complete the detailed design?
  • How will information be gathered and used to determine whether the intended learning is occurring in the curriculum?

Who is involved?

All faculty, instructors, staff, and others involved in delivering the new or revised program.   

How long does this take? 18 months – 5 years!

For smaller scale change, the work is likely focused during the 4-6 months leading up to delivery, and then in the first year of implementation.  

For new programs or significantly revised ones, this work likely continues until at least the first cohort graduates, meaning this Step takes 4+ years.

This step involves Actions 11 and 12.



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