Chapter 1 – Step 1 in the Process

Action 2: Map Timelines

Identify an initial and realistic timeline, subject to details and adjustments.


Some curriculum changes are considered minor modifications and can be accomplished in a shorter timeline. For more major changes or new programs, anticipate 12 – 36 months from beginning the process to when the first group of students enters the new curriculum; then there is implementation and continuous improvement, post-implementation.


New programs or major curriculum changes may see delays for one year or more when the leaders and curriculum teams realize they are not on track to meet approval deadlines for making needed changes. Rather than compromise on the quality and quantity of the change, they opt to take the necessary time.


Process Tips ✔

  • Consult those knowledgeable about governance processes for your academic unit, often an Associate Dean or staff in their offices, and in the university (USask Governance Office).
  • Draft a timeline to be shared with your colleagues reflecting approval due dates.
  • Plan accordingly for the pacing of different times of the academic year and the availability of colleagues for the tasks.



Good Signs! 🏁

You have identified an initial and realistic timeline:

⊕ A document exists that shows the timeline

⊕ Questions to test timeline feasibility and requirements of approval processes have arisen and informed the timeline

⊕ Feedback from faculty indicates they are willing to contribute at the stages outlined so far

⊕ Feedback from College and Governance Office personnel has informed the timeline



Warning Signs 🏴

Faculty (a few, some, or many):

⊗ Advise the implementation date should be delayed

⊗ Express an unrealistic sense of timelines

⊗ Provide poorly timed, off topic input, or comments indicating they do not yet understand the sequence of decisions

⊗ Indicate they cannot or will not contribute during the active design




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