6.3 Instructional Design Case Study

Communications Technologies: Case Study

Choosing appropriate communication technologies is key to any successful project of any size. Having the correct communication technology maintains consistency and ensures that everyone involved in the project has adequate information to allow each member to work efficiently towards a common goal.

Warren and his team of a dozen employees are in the midst of designing a website for a celebrity teacher in British Columbia. Warren is responsible for managing the success of this website and has organized his team of designers into three groups. Each team member has their own computer to work on, and they meet in a conference room every Wednesday to discuss progress and upcoming tasks.

Every team member emails an attachment of a document that contains progress of their work to a team supervisor every Friday. Warren receives these attachments in an email from each team supervisor and handles the final edits. Warren starts noticing some inconsistencies in the work being created were causing him increasing difficulties. Some content was being duplicated and wasting the team’s time, while other designers were defining and using key terms in the text in an inconsistent manner.

Warren is pleased with the progress each design team has made so far, but feels the project’s communication technologies and strategy could be improved for the entire design team. Warren realises he will need to replace the current communication technologies that his team are using with ones that maintain consistency with the work being produced and shared amongst all team members involved in the project.

Try to imagine what communication technologies will improve the project’s communication and file sharing strategy? How might they be implemented for the entire design team?


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