Creative Commons for Educators

34 Part 5 – Discussion

Weeks 8- 9: Feedback

The CC Certificate is part of our effort to build and expand a vibrant commons powered by sharing and gratitude. To do this as well as we can, we need your feedback on this course!

We’re having this conversation here in the Course Discussion area, rather than by anonymous survey, so you can build on and extend one another’s thoughts. If you’d prefer to respond privately, feel free to do that instead.

Please be as direct and honest as you’re comfortable being. You can answer one or more of the questions below or talk about something else you think would be more useful.

  • What worked well in the course?
  • What needs improving in the course?
  • What did you learn that surprised you the most?
  • What were you hoping to learn that we didn’t cover? Was there a topic you hoped we would discuss more? Was there a particular element of the course that helped you (or could have helped you) address challenges you face at your institution?
  • Did we spend too much or too little time on a particular topic?

Thank you so much for being part of this course! We have loved getting to know you and learning with and from you.


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