Final Project

Select one choice from each of the options below (producing two assignments total). Upload your assignments or share links.

Option 1: (10 points)

  • Build 15 new quiz questions for the course’s Quiz question bank.
    • Offer at least 2 quiz questions per unit. Quiz questions can be true/false or multiple choice. Format the questions according to this template, making sure to cite where in the reading hosts the answer.
  • Annotate the Additional Resources sections with notes on what sources were most helpful. Either mark your annotations in the app, or create/build on an Airtable to organize the Additional Resources.
    • Highlight at least 6 resources–one from each unit. Note how/why they are relevant. Note where in the unit your resources build on ideas presented (citing the unit section number and paragraph).
    • At least 3 of the suggestions for additional resources should be from non-North American sources.
    • Please share a document summarizing your 6 sources and descriptions, to simplify the grading process for your instructor. Thank you.

Option 2: (12 points)

  • Essay: Write a 500 word essay describing how you can best advocate for open values, practices and resources within your systems. Answer the following questions in your essay:
    • Why and how would you advocate for open values, practices and resources in your home institution?
    • What are two takeaways or pieces of knowledge you gleaned from this course that you’ve already incorporated or plan to incorporate into your advocacy efforts?
    • What resources, lessons or advice can you offer others? For example: what talking points have you/others used that might help?
    • What challenges do you face?
  • Case Study: Write a country case study, no more than 500 words. The case study should highlight a non-North American country’s particular copyright environment (laws, and public norms) and describe the use or lack of use of Creative Commons licenses. Describe why and how the copyright, publishing, or academic traditions enable or limit opportunity for engagement with Creative Commons licenses. Cite your sources.
  • Design Your Own: Propose your own project or co-produced project to your instructor (by or before 8/17). The project is worth 12 points; it needs to demonstrate 1) your expertise developed from the course and 2) the wise application of that expertise and perspective to a real-world challenge.
    • Directions:
      • Write a proposal (no longer than 150 words) for your independently-designed project. If you are proposing to submit a group project (a project you will complete with another person in the course), make sure to include this in the proposal.
      • Using this template, fill in the fields and point values associated with your project.
      • Submit your proposal to your instructor through a direct message in Slack by 8/17
    • Your instructor will reply back to you regarding your proposal within one to two weeks. Note that your instructor may suggest revisions to ensure parity in rigor across all submitted proposals.

Please indicate which project you select in the title of your project.


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