Using CC Licenses and CC Licensed Works

26 Part 4 – Discussion

Week 7: Role of Free Resources

Many educational resources are available to faculty and students for free or in a manner that they perceive as being free. These include resources available through library database subscriptions and most of the pages on the public internet. Many of these resources are highly engaging and some are even effective at supporting student learning. What risks are associated with adopting these resources? What is the role of these free resources in the context of efforts to create, adopt, use, and improve open educational resources?

Week 8: From Values to Practices

Which of the values described in Made with Creative Commons resonates most with you? How is that value manifest in your personal or organizational practices?

If you have ideas of steps you might be able to take to support more open values & practices at your institution, or how to collaborate with other members of your Certificate cohort, please share them here.

And, if you have a different perspective to share regarding the values and practices of the commons, please share it here. If there is a value or practice that did not resonate with you, feel free to discuss why.


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