Creative Commons for Educators

33 Part 5 – Assignment

Write an strategy document or informational document in which you:

  1. Explain the primary context (professional, personal, community, etc.) in which you are interested in Creative Commons,
  2. Describe the values and practices you see as most relevant in that context.
  3. Also describe a current challenge you face in your institution, and how you might address it, and/or increase engagement with each of your listed values and practices in that context. The questions below are examples of the kind of challenges you might address. Feel free to pick one or choose your own example.
    1. How might you make the best use of fair use/fair dealing?
    2. How might you better share information and collaborate with other educators in your institution (and outside of your institution, if possible).
    3. What are ways you’d respond to faculty’s questions about enforceability?
    4. How might you respond to your university’s Office of General Council regarding questions or concerns about open licensing?
    5. Have campus IP policies affected faculty’s desires to openly license content?

In order to allow you to reflect in more personal and strategic ways as you think and write, you are not required to post this essay online (though you are welcome to do so).

Please write your essay in your favorite word processing application, saving frequently. Your essay may not exceed 1000 words. If your essay does exceed 1000 words, only the first 1000 words will be graded.

When you’ve finished writing and are ready to submit your essay, please save one final time and then copy and paste your essay into the box below.


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