Chapter 2: Building Connections

Figure 2-1: Make the most of your time at university by connecting with other students. Source: Flickr Permission: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

New university students may not immediately realize that they’ve entered a whole new world at university, including a world of people different from those they have known before.  How you approach the social aspects and diversity of university world has a large impact on your academic success.

All the topics covered in this chapter relate to the social world of university, a world which intersects with and complements the academic world of university. You will gain some insight into the value of making new friends and getting along with the wide variety of people you will encounter on campus. You will learn why and how a broad diversity of people enriches the university experience and better prepare you for the world after university.

Enter this new world with an open mind and you’ll gain many benefits. Even if you are taking a course or two at night and do not spend much of your day on campus, try to make the most of this experience. You’ll meet others who will challenge and stimulate you and broaden your thinking and emotional experiences.


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