Chapter 4: Staying Motivated and Organized

Figure 4-1: Students Studying in the Science Library. Source: University of Saskatchewan – Students-Library-13  Permission: CC BY-SA 2.0

You’ve already set at least one goal for yourself—to get a university education—and that you’ve been motivated to come this far.

This chapter looks at how to make sure that you succeed in your courses through motivational and organizational strategies. The first step is to be committed to your education. You’ve been motivated to start university—now you need to keep that motivation going as you target specific goals for success in your classes. Much of this has to do with attitude and managing your time effectively.

In fact, time management skills can make the difference between those who graduate from university and those who drop out. Time management is actually all about managing yourself: knowing what you want, deciding how to get what you want, and then efficiently and effectively getting it. That applies to fun things, too. In fact, you may want to think of the goal of this chapter as not just managing your time for studying but ensuring that even as you do well in your studies, you’re still enjoying your life while in university.


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