Introduction to the UCreate Studio

Welcome to the UCreate Studio

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The UCreate studio is a dedicated video recording space located in Media Production’s Studio A, Rm. 48 in the basement of the Education Building. With professional quality lighting, sound and video this space will enhance your video project and help provide you with a professional looking and sounding media asset. Whether you’re shooting a presentation, an interview, a lecture, or a talking head video for research mobilization or for use on a website, the UCreate studio and the technicians at Media Production can help you walk away with a great looking video on your own USB drive.

360 Studio Tour

Explore the UCreate Studio BEFORE you arrive with this interactive 360 tour. Click and drag on the screen to change your view and click on the interactive assets to move about the room and get more information.

Step 1

Book the U-Create Studio by contacting us at or by calling 306-966-2500

Step 2

Prepare any PowerPoint slides or materials you’ll need for your presentation.

Step 3

Show up to your session time and bring a USB drive as well as any presentation materials. We will help you with the setup process.

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