Studio Configuration Options

Popular Use Cases

The UCreate Studio is a standalone technology that outputs high-quality video and audio that is ready to be uploaded and shared on online media platforms and tools in the USask Learning Technology Ecosystem. The UCreate Studio specializes in formalized presentations for lecture capture and research mobilization, demonstrations, interviews and announcements for communications Users are able to show PowerPoint presentations and images during the recording, but the studio also accommodates an interview style set for your recordings and other set-up options. Discuss your ideas with Media Production by emailing today.

Backdrop Options

The UCreate Studio easily configurable to a variety of shooting needs. The dedicated lighting, microphone and camera are situated in front of three paper backdrop options including white, black, and chroma key green as well as a grey curtain that can also be positioned as a background. A Media Production technician will meet you when you arrive for your session to help configure the room to suit your needs.

Chroma Key Options

Presentation slides and other media (images, video, animations, tables, charts, etc.) can be loaded into the UCreate computer console to be chroma keyed behind the presenter in a variety of  as picture-in-picture templates.




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