Embedding Your Media

Website Embed

Whether your media was designed for curriculum or communications it’s a good idea to have a distribution plan to ensure your creative content is getting seen. If you’re developing media for communications or marketing its a good idea to work with Central Communications to ensure you’re following USask guidelines for websites, social media PAWS Channels and general visual standards. Panopto is a great tool for hosting your media files and providing you the embed codes you need to embed your media into existing web pages.

Step one: Upload video to Panopto

Step Two: Embed Video in Webpage

Embedding in Canvas

If your media was developed for teaching and learning purposes then it’s likely that you’re wanting to incorporate your videos into an online course along side your other learning materials.  In this case Canvas and Panopto will work together to ensure students have the access they need and that Banner automatically sets permissions correctly each term.

Proper course provisioning for your Panopto videos is important for several reasons. When copying content into a new Course Build for subsequent terms, for example, you’ll ensure that the videos you want to keep move over properly and that your students can access them without issue. Here are a couple IT Training articles to ensure that the transition to Summer or Fall course builds goes smoothly for your Panopto videos.

Step one: Upload video to Panopto

Step Two: Enable Panopto in Canvas

Step Three: EMBED Video USING THE Canvas Editor

See the Panopto page on the Learning Technologies Ecosystem webpage for more information and support.



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