25 Theme III Reflection Questions

1. Define and describe culturally safe care. Does the context of culturally safe care differ by health professions? In what ways can health professionals in that field further promote culturally safe care in their workplace? In what ways can postsecondary education promote culturally safe care?

2. Identify an Indigenous healing practice that is used by Indigenous communities in your country, describe in detail how that practice works, and the way(s) it contributes to healing.

3. Identify and describe one government policy and one historical event that has had an impact on health in northern and Indigenous communities.

4. If you were to challenge yourself to learn more about Indigenous healing practices, what is one topic you would like to learn more about? Articulate the steps you would concretely take to learn more about that topic. Finally, explain knowing more about that topic can help you to improve as a health professional.

5. What are the factors that help health professionals build a trusting relationship with patients in northern and Indigenous communities?


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