Contributing to the Development of Pressbooks Textbooks

Pressbooks Textbooks is a plugin that extends Pressbooks for textbook authoring.

Pressbooks Textbooks adds functionality to Pressbooks to make it easier to author textbooks as well. The features it currently offers are;

  • Textbook theme
  • TinyMCE table buttons
  • TinyMCE textbook buttons
  • TinyMCE spell check
  • Search functionality
  • Creative Commons attribution
  • Prominent admin buttons (Import, Plug in)
  • Annotation features
  • Redistributing free electronic versions of your book
  • A remix ‘eco-system’ — Search and Import chapters from the same instance of Pressbooks

Primary Use Case

Textbooks have functional and styling considerations above and beyond regular books. Open textbooks are those that are licensed with a creative commons license. This plugin was built primarily to support the creation, remixing and distribution of open textbooks for the open textbook project in BC and will now also be used for open textbooks at the University of Saskatchewan.

Get Involved

If you are a developer and are interested in contributing to the development of Pressbooks Textbooks, you can find all the code we use on our GitHub repository along with instructions on how to install a local version of Pressbooks Textbooks on your own servers.


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