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Fall 2021 Contributors

Olasehinde B. Adebayo is an experienced and compassionate healthcare assistant in both acute and long-term care. He is presently working at the Pasqua Hospital-Regina, Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Nan Aftab works as a family physician in Regina.

Jessica Bruce grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and completed her medical degree at the University of Saskatchewan in 2017. She was accepted into the Anesthesia residency program and is currently in her fifth year of training. Her interest in medical education began in early residency when presented with opportunities to teach undergraduate medical students. Throughout her residency training, she has had abundant exposure to simulation and this is an area of interest for her in her future career

Matthew Hogan is a Critical Care Paramedic and Clinical Care Educator with STARS Air Ambulance in Saskatoon, SK. He has worked as a Paramedic for over twenty years and has had experience working as an educator with Paramedics and other health care professionals during this time.

Dan Huynh is a 4th-year trainee in psychiatry residency program at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.

Patricia Janzen is a Registered Dental Hygienist who has worked in private practice for over 8 years which includes working in long-term care. She has worked as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Manitoba for their dental hygiene diploma program, She has also done some consulting for the Canadian Dental Hygienists of Manitoba (CDHM). Currently, she is working full time as a Program Coordinator at Great Plains College for the Department of Health Sciences.

Muhammad Khan is a faculty member of the Department of Surgery in University of Saskatchewan. His background is in Orthopedic Surgery. He serves in a variety of tutoring roles with the College of Medicine.

Jen Loewen is a veterinarian specialized in small animal emergency and critical care. She did her vet schooling at the U of S and then did an internship at Iowa State University and then a residency at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Currently, she is an assistant professor at the U of S at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.

Shelley Miller-Hertes is a Registered Dietitian who lives in Estevan and works for Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) as a Manager of Nutrition and Food Services.

Shannon Mychael has worked as a nurse for the past seven years in Yellowknife, NT. Currently she is an instructor at Aurora College in Yellowknife, where she has the opportunity to combine both career paths – nursing and teaching. She teaches the Personal Support Program, which has a significant online component, in an effort to accommodate northern students to remain in their communities and gain employment in their home communities upon graduation.

Salih Nela is a Certified Medical Doctor with 15 years of experience in Medical Education. Salih is currently working as a Simulation Education Specialist at CLRC, University of Saskatchewan.

Ibraheem Othman is a hematologist working for Saskatchewan Cancer Agency in Regina . He is an Associate Professor at the Internal Medicine Department , College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.

Emily Pellatt, with a veterinary degree at the University of Calgary and a shelter medicine internship through the University of Wisconsin, currently works for the University of Wisconsin Shelter Medicine Program as a clinical instructor.

Kathy Sauze is a clinical dental hygienist, currently working as an Associate Clinical Professor in the University of Alberta.

Shawn Silver is a registered nurse who has worked in the Emergency Department and Adult ICU. Currently, Shawn works as a flight nurse and educator with STARS Air Ambulance.

Osama Souied is a Medical Oncologist in Regina, working with the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, interested in teaching as well as clinical research and clinical trials.

Fabienne Uehlinger is an Associate Professor at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM), UoS, in Saskatoon – a large animal veterinarian specialized in internal medicine.

Kristy Waffle is a clinical nurse educator at the Regina General Hospital in the Emergency Department. She has been in this role for the past 5 (or so) years.

Erum Zeb is a medical graduate from Pakistan with over ten years experience in the field of anesthesiology and intensive care at a tertiary care teaching hospital. Currently, she is working as an assistant to a team of chronic pain specialists in Edmonton.

Fall 2020 Contributors

John Andraos —

Tara Attwater —

Nurudeen S. Bello is a physician from Nigeria. He presently works with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, and also a graduate student in Health Professions Education at the University of Saskatchewan. He is based in Saskatoon, and working towards obtaining his LMCC. He looks forward to positively change the scope of medical teaching/training especially in his home country, Nigeria.

Lori Boen —

Janice A. Cherniwchan, BScN, CNCC(C), CCN(C) is a Registered Nurse practicing in both adult intensive and coronary intensive care in Edmonton, Alberta.

Aruna Chhikara is an Associate professor in Chemistry at Department of Chemistry, Dyal Singh College, University of Delhi, India and currently supervising research work of 1 Ph.D. research scholar (2 have already been awarded their Ph.D.). She is presently working on Synthesis and Characterization of Biodegradable Nanogels as Potential Drug Delivery Carriers for the development of target specific chemotherapeutic agents. She previously worked as a Visiting Professor at Department of Pharmacy and Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan, SK, Canada for two years (July 2018-Oct.2020) and worked in the field of development of antineoplastic agents. She has authored one book Practical Organic Chemistry (Qualitative Organic Analysis): Published, Ane Books India, New Delhi (2008).

Jorden Cummings is an Associate Professor and registered doctoral-level Clinical Psychologist. She is co-director of Clinical Training for the PhD program in Clinical Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Cummings program of research examines the impact of trauma on families and self-care practices for the health and helping professions. She is the author of two open textbooks: Introduction to Psychology (co-authored with Lee Sanders) and Abnormal Psychology.

Arlene Dies —

Dorie-Anna Dueck, BSc (Maj), BSc (Med), MD, FRCPC, is an Assistant Professor with the University of Saskatchewan and a Medical Oncologist in Saskatoon. She has 20 years of teaching experience within various levels of medical education, and conducts physician peer assessments for licensing.

Peter Ekanem is a physician from Nigeria with a background in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine. He worked as a research coordinator at the Department of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan. He is a graduate student in the Masters of Health professions education, University of Saskatchewan. Knowing that medicine is an ever-evolving course, he is passionate about finding new ways to improve undergraduate medical education and residency training in his home country. He is interested in Simulation-based education and problem-based learning, and he looks forward to incorporating standardized patients in medical students and resident doctors’ assessments.

Salma R. Imran

Natasha Istifo is a graduate student of the M.Ed. Health Professions Education program at the University of Saskatchewan. She recently completed her Bachelor of Arts and Science in Health Studies, with a minor in Sociology, also at the University of Saskatchewan. Upon completing the M.Ed. program, she hopes to become an Epidemiologist through study at the School of Public Health. In addition to her studies she is also a Research Assistant for the School of Public Health.

Helen Chang, MD, FCFP, is Assistant Professor in Family Medicine with the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, and Regina Lead for Faculty Development and the Sensitive Exam Teaching Associate Program.

Chantal B. Lecuyer

Getahun Lombamo is a graduate student M.Ed. in Health Professions Education program at the University of Saskatchewan. Getahun holds a B.Sc. in Rural Development and Family Sciences and M.Sc. in Applied Human Nutrition from Hawassa University, Ethiopia, as well as a Ph.D. in Nutrition from the University of Saskatchewan. He is currently involved in interprofessional and uniprofessional educational activities at the University of Saskatchewan. Before his current role, Getahun worked as lecturer in the undergraduate nutrition program at Hawassa University. Improving teaching and learning in both uniprofessional and interprofessional contexts is an area where his interest lies.

Joelle McBain, BSc, MD, FRCPC, is an Assistant Professor with the University of Saskatchewan. She is active in education in Years 2-5 with the College of Medicine, and is the Year 4 Chair, and Year 3 Site Director for the Regina Campus. She is based out of Regina, SK, where she does her clinical work as an Anesthesiologist. She is a graduate student in the M. Ed. Health Professions Education, University of Saskatchewan.

Cynthia Meneses is a graduate student of the M.Ed. Health Professions Education program at the University of Saskatchewan. She holds a Hons. BSc. in Biochemistry from McMaster University and a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from the University of Toronto. She is very passionate about her profession and has dedicated almost two decades to her private practice. In addition, she is very involved in dental education and is a clinical instructor at the University of Toronto – Faculty of Dentistry.

Andrea Nykipilo is an instructor and Clinical Nurse Educator in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Stollery Children’s Hospital (Royal Alexandra Hospital site) in Edmonton, AB. She is the co-director of the Edmonton NIDCAP Training Centre, where she is the lead instructor for FINE Level 1, a course in neurodevelopmental family-centered care for NICU professionals.

Olukayode Olutunfese, MBChB CCFP is an Assistant Professor in the department of Family Medicine with the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan and Family Medicine Lead in the NorthEast (NE5-8) for the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Ashraf Salem, MEd, MD,  is an associate professor of Anesthesia & Surgical Intensive Care, Mansoura College of Medicine, Egypt; where he completed his MS & PhD in Anesthesia . He was a Teaching Fellow of Anatomy, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan 2012-2015. He completed his Master Degree of Education, Educational Administration (EADM), College of Education, University of Saskatchewan, 2016. He published in Anesthesia journals and recently he co-authored an article published in the International Journal of Morphology and was the main author of a Leadership Research in Education, University of Saskatchewan.

Sadatullah Syed, BDS, MDSc., is an Assistant Professor of Dental Anatomy and Oral Biology at King Khalid University and a member of the Department of Dental Education.


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