17 3.1 An Introduction to Nutrition for Health and Physical Activity

An individual’s wellness may be influenced by food and dietary choices. Indeed, a nutritious and balanced diet may positively impact health throughout the lifetime, prevent a variety of chronic diseases, and improve performance during exercise and physical activity participation. Chapter 3 will explore basic principles regarding balanced nutrition, and will emphasize the importance of healthy eating patterns for optimal wellness and physical activity performance. Additionally, common barriers to healthy eating will be identified, and nutritional education and meal planning resources will be provided for the busy college student.

Learning objectives include:

  1. A foundational understanding of the role macronutrients and micronutrients play in an individual’s balanced diet, and overall health.
  2. An understanding of the current dietary recommendations, and how to read nutrition labels.
  3. The ability to identify common barriers to healthy eating patterns.
  4. The ability to utilize vetted dietary resources in order to create an individualized nutritional plan.


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