Embedding the Sustainable Development Goals in Teaching and Learning

Learning/Guiding Questions of this Book

  • Which Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) does your course address?
  • Could you identify one or two specific goals and targets (indicators) your course helps work towards?
  • How might you convey this to your students?
  • What kind of alignment would they see?
  • How would it help their learning?

This book is designed to help you:

  • Identify the SDGs that are most pertinent to your course.
  • Develop learning outcomes that will help students work towards the goal(s).
  • Adapt methods of instruction for student engagement in sustainable development.

In future teaching & learning, how might we:

  • Modify curricula to bring in relevant SDGs?
  • Add new courses to expand students’ knowledge, skills, attitudes related to the SDGs?
  • Use interactive pedagogies such as enabling interaction with society?

Each SDG will feature a preamble and then sections in the following colour-coded boxes:


Ways you might be able to align your teaching to this SDG if you want your students to be able to develop specific knowledge, skills, attitudes.


Ways for students to reflect, share, and act, on each SDG

Key Questions

Ways to engage students in learning through thematic questions.

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