About the Curators

The iDEA Book was imagined and created by iDesign senior design strategist Laura Gogia before the iDesign LX design team contributed additional materials and tested the book as part of their ongoing work with faculty in K–12, higher education, and industry settings. We are all proud to share this project with the rest of the world in the hopes of improving the course design process for students and faculty everywhere.



iDesign partners with universities to build, grow, and support online and blended course and program offerings. We are passionate about serving faculty and designing engaging learner experiences that unlock the potential of instructional technology. For more information about iDesign and our services, visit the iDesign website.

Lead Contributor

Laura Gogia, Senior Design Strategist


Krista Galyen, Vice President of LX Design
Aaron Appleby, Director of LX Design
Darryl Meekins, Learning Architect
Heather Angell, Lead Copy Editor


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